I always dither back and forth on titles for these little posts. i’d prefer them to be witty and eye-catching, deep yet subtle. so they almost always end up being whatever song is stuck in my head atm, or else a line that is running around in my brain that vaguely connects to what i’m writing about.

currently, i got nothing since i have To Be with You lyrics in my brain and i’ve already used that one.

my shop has been tdy for the last 1.5 weeks, and i’m struggling to find the motivation to push myself to complete the very easy task that they left me with. i just really really don’t wanna. i don’t even have the drive to play around in Photoshop… which is saying tons and tons.

i’ve ordered all my college transcripts and at least some of them have arrived at the school. i need to write my admissions essay, which is, Why I Want to go to a Christian University. Honestly, the faith aspect of it is a neutral point to me. i want to go there because it’s conveniently located, i can afford it, and they have a good program and great connections for graduates.  My NY’s resolution this year was to stop lying about things…so i have to figure out a way to sell myself so that they’ll want me. in 250 to 300 words. which dude, that is not enough to explain my convoluted ideas. just saying.

yes, i am a pottymouth and my head is all kinds of messed up, but overall i’m very teachable and i work hard at everything i do. (except for this week. not happening). i’ve been googling myself to make sure there’s nothing scandalous out there about me- this is the only thing that shows up. i like to think that it’s just a track record of some of my successes and frustrations, good days and bad days. not too bad. i hope? yeah hopefully. it’s awkward to be stuck by in that “oh, i hope they like me” phase. ick.

i’ve also been working and reworking my budget. not extremely easy since i’m just going off guestimations. my income will be my retirement pay from the AF and my housing allowance from the new GI Bill (both of which i have a definite number for) and my disability ratings from the VA. which i don’t know. i’m waiting for a form to arrive so that i can file my claim. i was told that if i file the claim while still on active duty the processing wait time is about 3 months, vs 8+ if i wait til after i get out. definitely trying to do that now.

anyways, i’m hoping that i can afford life without having to work. i’m a nerd and i like getting good grades, so ideally i won’t work at all. big reason why i want to stay here; life is cheap in this town. i lived in cool places the first 18 years of my life, i can wait a few more years before i get exotic again. i know this. per my budget and known income, i won’t have to work. i’ll won’t have a lot of extra money, but i’ll have enough to cover all my bills (which includes savings) and still have money for nonsense, which is good. i’m very used to living by a budget, however i’m also very accustomed to my current income level and it will take some time to get used to the decrease. however, i got this.

ew i’m rambling about boring stuff now. sorry kids.

~ by manjamanis on October 27, 2010.

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