Hero Worship: Margaret Moth

I’ve been basking in hero worship.

This (beautiful) chick was the first female camera woman from NZ.. And then was one of the first of 5 amazing powerful and talented women working together to document the many wars.

Her life is what I’m setting mine into being. She’s incredible and ballsy and talented and amazing. I want my obituary to be almost exactly like hers. Probably just the whole being shot thing. I don’t need that one in order to feel fulfilled.



~ by manjamanis on September 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Hero Worship: Margaret Moth”

  1. Your post amaze me and the women you have become you seem to grow over each post

  2. I worked with Margaret in Houston in the 1980s; she was a kindred spirit and on stakeouts we shared many of life’s stories. She will always be missed.

    Mary Urech Stallings.

    • I never had the honor of meeting her, but I was absolutely blown away when reading about her. She has so many qualities and traits that I aspire to have, and I found her very inspiring. Thank you so much for commenting.

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