On Things that Change

I’m waiting on a briefing to start. Yay.

As I was driving today, I took a sharp turn and smiled a little at how well my car did. Which reminded me of my pre-driving days, where I couldn’t even imagine not being terrified of driving.

I used to wonder if I’d ever be able to drive without having a semi panic attack. Nowadays it’s unconscious; I’m also lighting a cigarette, playing with my stereo, checking my facebook, taking a picture or gazing soulfully at beautiful things.

Another one: I used to watch my mom on the computer and wonder if I’d ever be able to type as fast as her. She was the only non-hunt-and-peck-er I knew, and I was extremely impressed by her mad skills.

She seems so very slow now, and again, I do it without noticing.

Just some thoughts. People are late and it hasn’t started yet. Of course not. Ohhhh what if I’m in the wrong place…


~ by manjamanis on August 26, 2010.

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