I have an actual, interesting project today. I’m making the flier for the Enlisted Dining Out ceremony. (oh and i’m also re-editing an amazing video that was shot in 2008, a month after i got here. )

anyways – i want the poster to have the main speakers face, with the oh-so-patriotic American flag across his face in slightly tweaked colors. should look amazing.

first i had to find a picture of the speaker – imagine my delight when i realized that he’d visited Afghanistan last year AND i had taken decent pictures of him.

anyways, as i was browsing around compiling graphics and images (because once again someone i work with has deleted my fucking stock folder that took me months to build) and looking through pictures I was taking this time last year… well it hit me a little hard how pathetic and worthless my job feels right now.

it was once said to me that i can’t claim to be talented or good at my job then get on here and bitch about how nothing of value is ever completed by my stateside office. the prooven truth is that i am a good photographer, videographer, artist and writer. i’m just rotting here is all. no challenges. (I hate it.)

~ by manjamanis on July 21, 2010.

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