I watched a movie recently called the Timer or something.

This classic b-rated piece of awesomeness was set in some far off society where you could have computer chips installed in your forearm (666 anyone??) that would go off when your spouse had one installed. Example, the heroines little brother got one as an 8th grade grad present, and his timer clicked on a 5 minute count down. And then, 5 minutes later he met the woman that would eventually be his perfectly compatible soulmate.

Cool theory – how great would it be if, on meeting someone new, all it took was a glance at your wrist to know if that person could be it for you?

Anyways. As I’m writing this I’m seating on an airplane flying over Colorado, seated next to a cute toddler and his dad. In the row in front of me is a beautiful baby girl who looks a lot like my niece who was born a few months ago. Who I’m pretty sure set off my internal mommy timer.

I was able to come visit a few days after she was born, and we spent a lot of time curled up together on the couch. She had and has the softest skin and hair. She prefers my left shoulder as the one to drool on.

Yesterday I took her to a little lake and she farted on me so hard I was concerned that she ripped her diaper and had actually covered me in smelly baby poo — what a kid.

I’ve always said that if I get to plan it I’d prefer to not ever start until I was 30. That gives me 6 more years to work out my kinks and get a real job and maybe even be a little responsible.

And then that baby smiles at me; she even tried once to give my left collarbone a damn hickey cos I wasn’t understanding the ‘bottle now please’ hints.

I had a dream a couple days into this visit where I looked down and realized I was four or five months pregnant. I was so stoked. Especially when I woke up and realized that I had long luscious locks, curling down well past my shoulders.

My timer has most definitely kicked in, but Considering I have a faux-hawk right now, that image can’t happen for a while. Thank god my subconscious knows and is willing to admit to this!

~ by manjamanis on July 15, 2010.

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