On Communication

If you’ve met me in person you’ll know that I’m not the mushiest of people.

When things happen that upset me, I tend to clam up because i dislike speaking before my brain is clear.

The process goes like this.ish. :
I’m angry.
You didn’t call.
Was I upset that you didn’t call when you were supposed to, or am I cranky about the reason why you didn’t call?
Why was that phone call so important?

It takes awhile to sort through all the variances, but the end conclusion is that I’ve worked out exactly what I’m upset about or realized that it was dumb and decide not to bring it up.

People just never believe me when I tell them that I’m complicated and that no one ever likes my communication style. And then, towards the end of the relationship when the other person gets upset that I’m not communicating and starts pushing me for answers or thoughts when I’m not ready.. Well.. I clam up. Pretend not to care. And then its over. Again.

Maybe I should get a tattoo that says “does not communicate well with others”

~ by manjamanis on July 12, 2010.

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