From My Heart to Yours

i guess one of my favorite things about blogs is that there is a built in tracker that shows exactly who clicked where in order to end up here. IP addresses also show up on comments. basically that whole, ‘anonymous on the internet thing’ is bs. it’s not that difficult to know who stalks me here. just saying.

i thought about dropping the blog and starting a new one or not writing anymore. however, fuck that. this is my space and mark on the world. there are some horrible, cruel people out that there i want nothing to do with me, but if they insist on stalking, fine. fuck it.



~ by manjamanis on February 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “From My Heart to Yours”

  1. Yeah! You tell em!

  2. You really should make a new one after all that has happened. Privacy is golden. Happy birthday by the way.

    • I can’t help your obsession, but this space is mine – I had it way before I met you. How about you be respectful of MY privacy? Or try having enough class not to be rude and then remember my birthday in the same paragraph.

  3. It’s not an obsession; I have about 14 different blogs of people that I usually read up on. Last we spoke, you and I agreed to be friends, and I’ve been following you since 2008 when you first gave me permission to read it. We’re not at odds here: I have nothing personally against you, and I assume you towards me. In my opinion, everything that has happened to you is bullshit, and you should have been able to keep what you earned. My opinion is on your side with everything.

  4. glad you made it home safe.

  5. Not all of us are scary or evil Suzi. Some of us just want to read you writing because its good writing. Hopefully, you’ll keep it up for us, but if not, I hope that you keep it up for you.

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