I Want to Sing for You, My Love

Well, I’m home from my journeys.

Our replacements got to BAF on December 26th = one of the best Christmases of my life. The day itself was very nice too actually – we had our friend Joe over for presents and our office had gotten a bunch of sweet gag gifts for each other.

once upon a time, one of our shoppmates walked into the chowhall with a plate full of shrimp and said, ‘now, where is the cock sauce?’ we all started laughing hysterically, so he stammered out, ‘i mean, the tail sauce’. still no better 🙂 so anyways, for his Xmas present, Sgt Jung snagged an unopened bottle of cocktail sauce from the chowhall, and i photoshopped a new label onto it… brilliant, if i do say so myself. I’ll try and track down some pictures.

so our replacements got there – superfreaking happy day. we technically had a three day education/familiarization time with them before we could leave.. but our flight wasn’t leaving Manas, Kyrgystan until the 5th of Jan, so we were planning on just hanging out and helping them as much as possible. no real reason for us to spend a week there in crappy transient tents, now was there? then leadership started throwing a fit, saying that we needed to leave and get to a safe place and that people needed our beds, blah blah blah. i was sad, because i’d scheduled my goodbyes and was easing up to the idea of leaving everybody, so to have my time cut so short was shocking. we didn’t have time to turn in our laundry, so our boss got a brilliant idea that we should take it down to the self service tents at the other end of base. 4  loads of laundry, plus twenty or thirty belonging to other people, and 4 dryers. yeah right. we waited, and waited and waited. the boys got theirs halfway dry, and me and Yanks wasnt even in yet, when we decided to go mooch in some nice building that Sgt Jung knew. we got lots of dirty looks, since we weren’t supposed to be in there… finally we caved again and took it all back to the office. The guys hung theirs to dry inside our shop, and Yank and i decided to take it to the main laundry place and beg them to do it quickly. They said if we brought back the next morning at 0700, they could get it back to us by lunch. sweet.

that night we played Scum with Tony and some other people at the Green Bean coffee joint.. it was awesome. Tony made a rule that we all had to speak in British accents. whenever him or myself were the President or Vice we spoke in hoity toity tones; whenever we were scum or bucket, it was pretty much gutter cockney/pirate haha. awesome night. we were up playing til about 3 or 4 in the morning, and then the next morning i woke up to drive our laundry over to the place. it was frozen solid hahaha..

that same day, i was halfway packed, hanging out at the office playing video games or something, when Yank came rushing in and told me that we were on a flight in 45 minutes. holy crap. i rushed home, threw everything in a bag, and tried repeatedly to get a hold of my boo Tony. he was my bestestbestest besides Yank, and i was devastated at possibly not saying goodbye to him.

we miraculously made our flight. Joe, Tony and Alicia were all able to see us off. I could barely breathe – I was so sad, and so excited, and in disbelief that we were leaving. I’d seen people sit in the terminal for weeks trying to leave there, and somehow, we got out first try. amazing.

we got to Manas around 4 or 5 in the morning on the 31st of December. dropped our bags off, and ran for the booze tent. classic. I forget what we all had, but after the 2nd sip i was buzzed, and it was incredible.

the next day we swung by and went to the PA office on base. I’d gone to tech school with 3 of the people there, (i even ran into one of my instructors later on, such a small freaking world) and it was really great to catch up. even better – their major got us into dv rooms! Yank and I shared a small amazing room with a great shower right down the hall, and there was even wireless! the next few days were a blur. we would wake up around 2 or so, grab munchies and hang out in the tv room watching nonsense all day. then, we’d go to the booze tent in the evening, get wasted off our two drinks, go home and pass out. repeat. it was awesome.

the day we finally, finally, finally left, our showtime was disgustingly early in the morning. 4ish i think? several hundred people sorted their bags in row after row, in drizzling rain. i was quite cranky about leaving my bags on the ground in freezing rain, but there wasn’t much i could do about it. we were all split up into miserable little tents with no heat or seats.. oh that reminds me.. the evening before i was tanked, and trying to smoke a ciggarette. i attempted to sit down, instead, i slipped and smashed my tailbone on the edge of the bench. of course, of freaking course i would do that the day before a 16+ hour flight. of course. so sitting in that tent was effing horrible – every time i shifted, i about yelled. lots of pain.

given the occaision, i figured i could manage. i took some painkillers, popped some nyquil, and we were off.

goodnight ladies and gents.. more to follow.


~ by manjamanis on February 22, 2010.

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