Holiday party went well

Scrooge, aka me, was in charge of our Wing Staff holiday party, thanks to my Captain.

we decorated, and it looked good – i was excited.
pizza showed up on time, and there was even enough for the a-holes that didn’t pay – i was relieved.
Elvis and Santa showed up! yay! – i was able to laugh at everyone else’s shocked faces (a LtCol insisted on me providing him with a minute-by-minute plan of the party schedule, and i didn’t mention them *teeheehee*)
I made everyone wear funny hats
and most importantly, they all seemed to have fun.

to my left is our chaplain, to my right is our wing historian - these dudes rock
because it isn’t Christmas without Elvis!

it's gonna be a looooong flight home!

~ by manjamanis on December 23, 2009.

One Response to “Holiday party went well”

  1. There were totally pictures of your holiday party on a big outdoor screen at Town Square last night, boo! I would say that you missed it but really i think you had it better hahaha it was fun anyway and we took dirty pictures with the Cunningham ball just for you. Ill make sure they get to the FaceBook

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