When I say…


you say __________.

when i say


you say __________.

speak to me hoss, explain yourself. i’m struggling to understand humanity here; trying to remember courtesy. what does it mean when you say ‘love’ and then your hand drives a serrated blade between my lungs, pause, twist, then repeat? how does that work?

‘but i’ve changed’ you said.
‘i won’t manipulate you anymore’ you said.
‘i’ve learned how to listen’ you said.

fuck me, right? fuck me for being a stupid trusting idiot. no, no, it’s cool. don’t appologize. i understand. excuse me while i go sew black cross stitched exes across my lips; don’t mind me while i go filet my heart and dip it in acid.

love you too.

~ by manjamanis on December 7, 2009.

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