Thanksgiving Shenanigans

happy holidays?

our efforts towards the war

we…were nominated to take charge of our whole units entry into the Thanksgiving Day parade here.. it appears that our Capt loves to decorate for holidays.. Sgt Jung claims he does it all for the boy.. just asked Yank if she liked holidays and she mutely nodded (while Capt yelled, ‘she loves holidays you scrooge!’).

yes, boys and girls, i am the Scrooge of the office. the last holiday i celebrated with people i was related to was last Thanksgiving, and before that was in like 2004. i don’t like to decorate because then you have to UN-decorate. i figure once i have kids then i’ll put on some shit for them, but in the meantime, meh.

anyways, our gator’s theme was Christmas! yay!

~ by manjamanis on December 1, 2009.

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