a friend of mine wrote a story about a group of military types and how their whole operation moves like an orchestra. he suggested to me that perhaps i make a bombs exploding, planes flying, rahrah video to some amazing classical music. i ❤ the idea!

the trick now is to find a good song (not so popular that you want to gag, but still chock-full of exciting beats) and some kickass footage. i have cool explosions and people running, plus some air drop stuff, and helicopter flight, but not enough good clips to fill a 4ish minute song.

trivia about the video world – the average person’s attention span is between 5-7 seconds, which mean i have to make a cut before i lose their attention. aka, a shot only lasts about 4 seconds. and it takes a whole lot of sorting through bad video to come up with those 3 or 4 seconds of amazing.

i don’t have anything better to do anyways…

~ by manjamanis on November 30, 2009.

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