i figured

that maybe i should do an actual listing of what i’m thankful for. just ‘cos.

i’ve had a really bad couple of years, and it’s easy to get lost in those memories instead of the good ones. black permeates the rest of the color wheel a whole lot easier than say a beautiful light green, you know?

this year –
* i’ve gotten to work alongside some incredible people on this deployment; they were encouraging, motivating, and i’ve learned a whole lot about my careerfield from them

* i’ve also made some incredible friends out here. people have told me multiple times in life that i’ve affected them, reminded them of XYZ, brought them back to themselves – each time i meet someone deep enough for that to happen (with or without me, honestly) the beautiful thing is that they touch me too. people most often make me pull my hair and scream; occasionally i meet a person who gives me hope, reminds me that yes, happily-ever-afters-are-possible. not that it’s even a romantic relationship with that person, maybe it’s just watching the way they treat their families. maybe it’s watching the joy they have for music (yes, Alberti, you) or anime or books or beatboxing or a sport or a dumb football game. it’s really nice to be reminded that there is a world outside of my bubble.

* that my youngest sister got to visit me for a bit during the summer. we were really close when i was little, but i haven’t lived at home since i was 15ish, so i missed out on her growing up. she’s so tall and beautiful and smart and i barely know her. the middle sister and i chipped in for tickets for the baby to come to the US, and then i convinced her to visit me for a few days. it was pretty cool.

* for having a great bff who is taking care of the lights of my life while i’m deployed. so selfless of her. she loves to travel around and would bounce from city to city, but she’s been watching my kiddos and doesn’t do it that much. how can you repay that kindness?

* i learned a lot about myself this year, through some very painful circumstances that i’m not writing about just yet. i grew up a lot though. that’s a good thing yeah?

its pretty cold here boys and girls – i don’t like it.

~ by manjamanis on November 27, 2009.

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  1. happy thanksgiving 😀

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