happy thanksgiving/pt test soon

my captain is big on the pt thing. he asks me just about every day if i’ve worked out..

a) i dislike sweating for un-fun purposes. volleyball, basketball, some kind of sport, hell yes. muggy, swamp sex, hell yes.
b) i’m too lazy to go to the gym. whenever i do actually go it’s okay and i am reminded that i actually kind of like working out, but it’s difficult for me to remember to get there. something about working a 15+ hour days makes me want to collapse into bed vs get undressed, redressed, sweaty, cold in the shower, and then into bed. just me?

in January a new set of standards for pt kick in, and a lot of people are freaking out about it. thing is, the run was the hardest part for me (i blame smoking and huge breasts). push ups are never fun, (i’m top heavy, remember?) and sit ups are easy. i’ve never been grossly overweight, not to mention i’ve lost 20lbs (damn beer weight) since we’ve been out here, so the waist measurement ain’t no thang either. the run got easier with the new standards – the only scary thing is that now there are minimums. say you fuck up and twist your ankle or something halfway through the run, so you limp back in 18 minutes = auto fail. or, you do too many push ups and tire out your abs so then you can’t do as many sit ups are you needed.

still, all i need to do is hit the minimum in each category, and get better than 75% overall. here’s a shitty yet still passing example:

....and i'd still pass

the minimums are the numbers with *'s, the green are my suggestions

or if i felt like putting a teensy, weensy little bit more energy:

...i can do this half asleep

so this constitutes a "good" score.

maybe i should do a few more push ups so that my gold star will get even bigger.

maybe i should be worried about this?


~ by manjamanis on November 26, 2009.

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