my boss asked me the other day what my long term goals were.. i was dumbfounded for a bit because i’d had so much planned around going to Syracuse next year; that immediately hit me as funny because i love to plan.

i have alternate options (a,b,c) with contingency back ups, i have budgets laid out for if i go here vs. here..

and somehow it had never occured to me that i wouldn’t go to Syracuse. i know why – mostly because if i’d actually been allowed to apply i would have gotten picked up (heart—-beattttt) and that would have been that. didn’t even cross my mind that somehow the AF would dick me around.

so many people have bad experiences with the military and being forced to places they didn’t want to go; since i’ve been lucky and enjoyed just about everything i guess i’d forgotten that the AF really doesn’t have my best interests in mind.

either way, i need to start planning again.. god i love that…

option a: stay and rot at Dyess.
good: we have a huge budget, so we get to go to very expensive training classes and have brand-new equipment, constantly. my squadron is very lazy relaxed, and we do almost no work.
bad: as the lowest ranking ssgt in my section, i won’t have a troop for a couple years; yeah that would be less stress, but i also need to grow up and learn how to take care of people – what if when i pcs’d i was ncoic, and had never been in charge of anyone? plus, expensive training with no practical application = zero retention. it’s a waste of money if i don’t ever use the skill. i just don’t feel that we work enough there, which means i’m unsatisfied with work, and i end up drinking too much out of boredom – i’m wayyyyy too young for that.  

of course, i could just wait til this time next year and hopefully be allowed to apply for Syracuse, and then go to it in the fall of 2010. it’s just that it would be almost 2 years of inactivity, which makes me feel like i’m being choked while drowning in quicksand.

option b: volunteer for Korea/Turkey and gtfoTx.
good: i’d be in  a sweet foreign country, and working at an AFN shop. new culture to learn, bits of a language to pick up, and a whole new job spectrum. AFN does strictly broadcast stuff, so i’d do more news and at a quicker pace than ever before; aaaaand i would get to learn how to be a radio dj = sweet.
bad: leaving Nona and Charlie for a year with someone (maybe Noozi). living in barracks for a year. real broadcasters have strict standards, and i’ve never worked for a legit broadcaster (not to mention never gone to school for it) so i’d be the jackass making all the mistakes. one hand i’d learn a ton, on the other, i hate being an idiot.

great thing – after that long year, i’d have my choice of bases.. and i’m thinking that Italy or Portugal is sounding damn skippy!

option c: volunteering for Combat Camera in San Antonio.
good: ComCam is cool; they fly to sweet places and film interesting things. San Antonio is a beautiful city with great weather. i like the idea of going to a unit thats just starting up; be getting a chance to affect history. if i bought a house in SA and got out at the end of this enlistment (5 more fucking years) then i’d already be established in a great city with lots of job ops. not to mention almost owning a home outright before i was 30.
bad: ComCam guarantees a deployment just about every year. the money would be good, but ew constant deployments. i’d need a roommate fo’ sho.

it would be nice to live somewhere i liked.

eh. who knows.

and now, off to a photo date with some brass!


~ by manjamanis on November 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Planning/Goals”

  1. Option D: Come to Hill and do ComCam instead of stinky old San Antone. Good: Snowboarding and hot cocoa in the winter, hiking and clubbing in the summer. Bad: …. none to speak of. … :o) well, I’ll keep trying.

    • except for…
      1. there aren’t any job listings for there
      2. i don’t want to move to a frozen wasteland.
      3. you’re dumb 🙂

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