right. so just about our whole office (aka, the 4 of course) is going through a vicious streak of senioritis aka, get me the fuck out of here. secret? i’ve been overflowing with that emotion since, oh, September.

so i’ve started reading blogs – for research only of course. i came across a really cool one about this chick who’s a jewelry artist. we have the same kind of voice so i really like reading it, plus i love her taste in wine, and i’m secretly living vicariously through her and her best friend.

a while ago she put up a contest for people to submit pictures of self-made monsters (no mother-in-laws). i submitted a thing i did in photoshop a few months ago, featuring the chopped off tentacles of a monster. mostly because she said she was going to put all the pictures up on a wall somewhere in her house, and i really like the idea of my art being hung by a real artist.  

turns out i won! holy crap! i’m so excited right now! i don’t think i’ve ever won anything.. eh well besides board games or trivia contests etc, which totally don’t count.

my day is made, hell yes.



~ by manjamanis on November 19, 2009.

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