The White Man’s Burden

remember when missionaries brought diseases into the Hawaiian islands, and magically, people with no immunity started dying? don’t worry, it was all in the name of bringing Jesus and clothing to the savage, uncultured people of those horrid island. what’s a few thousand ignorant deaths vs. raping a culture and dressing it in white?

remember when they did the same thing in the Guinea islands?

oh, i know — remember when  H1N1 trotted into Afghanistan? – ah yes, that one. that one was on accident, done in the name of schools, roads, and a Taliban-free country. betcha $10 we start to feel bad and decide to fly medicines and doctors in, which will then of course need security, which will then require more vehicles/guns/beds/bases. vicioius cycle.

happy Veterans Day. i betcha 10 more dollars that we are being massacred by the press about this by the end of the week.

just one of those sad accidents i guess.

~ by manjamanis on November 11, 2009.

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