I Recommend Me Because I Rock

I’m in the process of writing my own letter of recommendation for Syracuse for me to then forward to my supervisor back home, which will be proofed and then forwarded to my sq commander for his signature.

i’m struggling a bit with this one; while we all know that i think i’m the best thing since even before sliced bread, i’ve always been of the opinion that a letter of recommendation is a declaration of faith of that person in you. I’ll write a kickass letter, and i’m going to sound amazing in it, but thats because i see the inside and can make me sound good. i’d rather have an opinion from the outside, from someone recognizing and acknowledging or not my ability to do XYZ.

as in, if they don’t think i’m capable, say so. i feel that the big boss back home doesn’t know anything about me or my work ethic – he became my boss about 10 days before i left; it’s not a knock on him, it’s just a fact that he’s never worked around me.

not to mention, in my whole 12 months at homestation i hadn’t released anything connected to a work order. our shop is required to put out 6 training videos a year + we have two editors = 3 for me, 3 for him. that pans out to a theoretical 6 weeks of work per video, which means maybe 20 weeks of work a year. total. since i’ve been there though, i haven’t actually done anything real. i’ve made a ton of posters, which i love doing. i’ve added a couple animations onto some copyrighted videos, edited some illegal shit out of pictures, and done a couple retirement videos. the “big” event of my twelve months there was syncing some footage off a couple cameras on some plane – yay me as an overachiever!

here’s the thing though, based on that last paragraph, i wouldn’t recommend me for shit. i’ve done nothing to prove, since being there, that i could handle a crazy workload at Syracuse. nothing, nothing, nothing. is there any wonder i fucking hate it there so much? i’m a workaholic, i love my job, i love what i do. that place makes me want to set myself on fire and run screaming down a road.

anyways, here i am, writing a letter to recommend me for something. i’m going to ask my boss here if he would write me one also because he’s seen me work, etc etc. he’s familiar with the program, and if he doesn’t think i could do it then i’ll take his word for it.

the categories i have to fill out:




Personal Appearance

Personal Conduct

Financial Responsibility

i need that outside view man… because half the time i don’t know that what i’m doing is being responsible or showing initiative or whatever.


and then, a really good friend of mine left today. I’ve got a couple left here, but it’s just not the same.



~ by manjamanis on November 5, 2009.

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