For Better or for Worse,

I just swore to do 10 more pt tests, PCS 2 more times and deploy at least twice. When you look at it like that, 5 years really doesn’t sound that bad.

Oh, then i got verbal counseling from my supervisor back home because i didn’t tell her i was re-enlisting. see, before i left, i planned on re-enlisting. i volunteered for the deployment so that i could do it over it. i’m surprised that the fact that i did it is a shock to anyone at home.

if she’s offended as a friend, then she shouldn’t have cc’d my flight commander on an email chewing me out for breaching the chain of command. and maybe she could have tried emailing me occaisionally over the last 4 months to bullshit.

she pcs’s before i get back, and there’s no signature block on the form asking for supervisor approval, so i’m failing to see the problem.

there goes my warm fuzzies about being a grownup and making a good decision.

~ by manjamanis on November 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “For Better or for Worse,”

  1. Well considering how now we will be getting PT test twice a year make it 20, probably going to war with Korea in the next few years so longer deployments, scarier places. Oh and no freedom, more power to ya for staying in! Wait till you see my pics from the Philippines next April!

    • except for… i reenlisted for 5 years (x2=10) not ten years 😛

      the deployments won’t really change for us since we’ve been in a one and one for a minute already.

      but you’re right, it’s not pretty.

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