My mother emailed me today, asked halfway through if i like to read still, mentioning how much i used to never seem to get tired of reading when i was 10.

i don’t even know why it still bothers me that after 23 years my parents know almost nothing about me… but every time they ask glaringly obvious questions like that, it slaps me. again.

especially considering i emailed her the picture of me reading while waiting at the doctors office, mentioning “this was me, waiting to be seen. reading, always, haha”

you, dear stranger, how would you take that statement? pretend you didn’t give birth to me, or live with me for 14 years – how would you interpret someone laughing about even reading at the doctors office?


oh  and my little sister got married sometime within the last few days – i suppose i should thank her because now i don’t have to fly out to Seattle twice in the span of a few months for two sibling weddings. does this mean i have to get her a wedding present?



~ by manjamanis on October 30, 2009.

One Response to “BlissfulNeglect”

  1. ha.. that’s interesting !

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