Oink oink?

I’ve been feeling poorly for the last week or so.. finally went to go see the doc who put me on bed rest and eighty million medicines.. they drew a bunch of blood and did a flu test. I said “flu test?? liiiikkkeeee…. swine flu test?” She kind of grunted at me. So i asked her what the symptoms for swine flu are, she said ‘pretty much everything you have.’ Oh.

i’m supposed to check back in after two days if i didn’t feel better.

as soon as Yank is done with her captions she’s driving me back over to the hospital.

wish me luck ay



~ by manjamanis on October 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Oink oink?”

  1. wow that sucks major donkey balls. hope its not swine flu cuz that would be real shitty hope u get better

  2. good luck

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