Oh Ho Hum

Yesterday I went on a photographic expedition with Yank… we played some pool, met [hotguys] the fire department, talked to some popo’ and hung out with a C-130 crew as they were loading up. Her job is so much effing cooler than mine.. Check out my  good pics of the day.

Me, Hard at Work

Me, Hard at Work

~ by manjamanis on October 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “Oh Ho Hum”

  1. loved the camouflage pool table — stay safe

  2. I keep telling saying you need to crosstrain, yo … our career field needs people like you! Nice job on the pics

    • thanks dolly! i tried, but something about us being undermanned??

      anyways, i finally had enough time to go to the dang bazaar, only no-one else could go and i can’t drive a stick… faaaccckkk… i’m trying though, i promise!

  3. Ahh, livin the life i see… I ran out of credits when i got the i miss you text 😉 believe me i was missing you too!! ate a lot of sushi n of course the consumption of various liquids with the family… i have some new stories to tell!!!

    P.S. I loved the quote you sent me, it is so true in so many ways!!

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