Lock and Loadeeeddddddd

The requirements for the video-program-at-Syracuse-that-i’m-hoping-to-get-into-for-next-year-came-out-today.

As best as i can understand the military gobblety-gook, i have to turn in 3 EPRS, a letter of recommendation, and two videos – one being controlled and one uncontrolled action. Not quitequite sure what controlled action i could pull together out here but hey, i’ll try.

i was reading over the criteria for submissions for Military Videographer of the year and i think i’m going to re-cut my EOD video to authorized music and submit it. The coolest song I can find is by one of the AF’s bands called Lock and Loaded. It’s sweet for the most part except for where it goes into the core values… yadayadayada. They are great and should definitely be followed, but really, cheesy songs about them??? ack.




~ by manjamanis on October 19, 2009.

One Response to “Lock and Loadeeeddddddd”

  1. we did a video for that song and my oh my. the boy can sing but fa sho nobody wants to see him do it! lol!

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