On a Job Hunt:

Everyday we have to submit a list of all our daily accomplishments to our boss. Weblinks, places we were quoted, activities, etc.

It used to be a once a week thing which I preferred because then I could mention my biggest good deeds instead of bs-ing my way through daily ones. Honestly, for the most part I’m extremely busy but every now and then I have wonderful, slow days.

Kind of like today.

Here’s my sitrep:

1. Made rough draft of door graphic for all of Wing Staff Agency
2. Peeled a sticker off a desk
3. Made coffee
4. Increased morale in office by playing awesome music
5. Made massive strides in coordinating audio from tower
6. Figured out a way to make my day sound busy
7. Made 2 CD cover graphics for LtGen ___’s visit

Our captain laughed while shaking his head at me… so i guess i have to sound busier next time.. dangit.

Seriously though, #s 1&7 are legit. #2 was a good kissass move because i was helping clean some important persons office, #4 made Yank laugh hysterically (she and the Capt put 85 mouse traps around the couch so I played “Because I Got High” for them – totally appropriate), #3 directly affects mine and the captain’s wakefullness in the morings, #5 i might have exaggerated on a little considering the capt did all the calling and i just took notes – the only complete BS one that i see on there was #6 and how I figured out a way to make my day sound busy.. but it’s true, i did put some effort into it.

besides, i made him a new header for his blog and it’s pretty sexy – he should be kissing the keyboard my fingers type on!





~ by manjamanis on October 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “On a Job Hunt:”

  1. 8. Posted blog chronicling the important work done whilst at Bagram AB enhancing cultural awareness and winning the hearts and minds of America to the plight of the Afghan people.

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