So, next week in the competition the theme Country Week – not quite my thing. As in, i have about 5 country songs that i will listen to by choice.

i’ve decided to start my research early since i know it’s going to be a difficult week for me.. i’m going to have to completely learn the song either way since convieniently all the ones that i DO like are by guys.

I have such a fucking headache from all the violins and whiny voices that i’ve been listening to in the last 2 hours – omg.

this is going to suck. maybe i’ll get kicked out tomorrow and i own’t have to worry about it.

any suggestions? Martina McBride’s Broken Wings is out since one of my friends will undoubtly be singing it, but other then that… ????




~ by manjamanis on October 4, 2009.

One Response to “Ow,Ow,Ow”

  1. wow. country week. My first thought was that one song “These boots were made for walkin'” I dunno if thats a country song but you could totally swing it. But for a real country song you should do “Little Goodbyes” oooh that bitch is mean! heehee! i could see you putting some decent show value into that one.

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