My Monkey-ing Days are Over

today was my low battle rythm day, aka, i get to sleep in as long as all my work was done from the previous day.

so i slept until about 1700, showered, checked my email, ate and then headed back to the office. it was locked up, and my keys were inside. i called Yank and they had just sat down to eat and would be awhile so i decided to just shimmy up the wall.

I’ve seen other people do it, no bigs, right? i found a little wooden box for my first step, second was on the door handle, then i half jumped to the top of the fridge. i used a support beam to help me balance swinging a leg over the wall, and i was [sort of] in!

i sat up there for a minute, caught my breath, and started to wondering how the fuck i was going to get down. i could turn and dangle and hop, but i didn’t want to scrape my knee open because it’s almost healed. i could throw myself off and try to land on the couch buttttt that was a good 10 yards balance/teeter away. yikes.

out of nowhere, my boss walked in the front door – yay! i yelled down, heeeyyyyyyyy, he looked up, laughed and opened the door. he tiptoed, had me step on his shoulder, and gave me a hand down.

i have a sinking suspicion i’m going to re-hear this story for the rest of my AF career but oh well. can’t always win can we?


~ by manjamanis on September 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “My Monkey-ing Days are Over”

  1. At least he didn’t walk in as you came crashing down!

  2. All it would of taken was one call and you would of had me there to help you out. πŸ˜›

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