Politics in the Bedroom

 I was playing volleyball last night (big shocker) and as i looked around i realized there was a huge global representation on the court.

We had a medic from Sri Lanka, a couple dudes speaking Arabic, an Indian, not to mention someone from every branch of the American military and even some contractors.

i leaned into a reallyreallyreally hot Hawaiin soldier and said in a seductive and husky voice, “Gen McChrystal would be so proud of us right now.” He gave me an incredibly blank look.

It occured to me that i should leave politics out of my feeble attempts at seduction.




ps — an update on my knee — i know you’ve all been anxiously waiting to find out if i’d be able to keep the leg or not — i think we’re out of the danger zone now.

Update on the Owie

They said I could Keep the Leg!

~ by manjamanis on September 16, 2009.

One Response to “Politics in the Bedroom”

  1. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

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