Friday night i went to country night with Yank and Sash, as is our weekly tradition. We hung out with a group of guys we know and were having a decent time. One of the dudes who kind of looks like Vin Diesel brought a new kid along – kind of tall and gangle-y who completely ignored me while chatting up Yank and Sash. After an hour or so of akwardly sitting on the benches next to him i finally introduced myself which was met by his blank stare.. I told him he was friends with my friends, he said he came here with Vin, so i pointed to Vin, Yank and Sash and he said ohhhh… apparently that was ‘bonding’ because he then started to follow me around.

i tried to hide at the back of the tent while oogling some really hot Kiwi troops and watching a volleyball game and talking to a K-9 cop with a sweet all-black German Shepherd, but no dice. TallKid kept walking up and asking me what i was doing.. daaammmiiitttttt..

Later i danced with a soldier i knew who kept asking why i was being so quiet. I told him i was just exhausted from a long and boring week, so he offered to distract me.. at which point he pulled me in very close and we were slow dancing around the room. I started to giggle because Frank Sinatra’s Cheek to Cheek song was playing in my head, overlapping with whatever country crap was playing on the loudspeaker.. he gave me a penny for my thoughts, i told him about the song and also how the whole slow dance thing felt very highschool-esque. He shook his head, and started to pull me in closer. I leaned by while he was pulling and it was a crazy little tug-of-war moment until he stopped, and i told him to knock it off because i’d get in trouble for too much PDA. He shrugged, resumed previous state of intimacy and kept dancing.

Which was when i felt his gd boner against my leg. Yeah, i said it – that mothereffer had a freaking chubby against my leg! really?! how more high-school-like can we get? 

Thankfully, Yank came up and tapped my shoulder and told me we were going home – probably the most epic save of my LIFE.

sidenote – somebody came up to Yank at the dfac today and told her felt like he really knew her because he’d seen the dancing video – hahahaha awesome! 

nextsidenote – i’m having such a craving for pure sugar, it’s rediculous.

quote of the week – “I knew it was you coming so i stuffed it down my pants” – quite possibly the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.

~ by manjamanis on September 5, 2009.

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