Don’t Wake Me

(I plan on sleeping in)

WAPS scores

WAPS scores


to be fair, i have no clue how i made it. i wasn’t studying – every time i tried i’d get distracted by tequila or the neighbors or a book or the dogs or something. i was really hoping that i wouldn’t have to test til after i got back from this deployment, because i’d have so much “free time” over here to study etc etc. i guess somehow i was thinking that if i wasn’t studying they wouldn’t make me test – HA.

Finally, it was Friday and i was testing Monday. So i went home, cracked open a beer, sat down and flipped open the PDG.. honestly, i don’t know if i even left the house that particular weekend, i kept reading and reading and reading.. and reading and reading and reading. Finished my first read-through Sunday night around ten, figured fuck it, and went to bed. Went in to the test the next day, crossed my fingers and went to town.

Afterwards i was a bit nervous because it seemed disgustingly easy, which can go both ways you know? either good, or reallyreallyreallyreally badly..

the day the results came out i was hanging out with EOD doing runs around the area.. counting down the minutes til the announcement. At 14 minutes til, Sgt Jung came over and told me i had to come back to the office immediately. i told him that wasn’t a very nice thing to on the day the promotion notice came out: he just smirked at me. So i crawled behind my desk, glanced at the clock (6 minutes to go) and started downloading my pictures and b-roll from the day.

finally, I went to the AF Portal online, opened up the splash page of promotee’s and ctrl-f’d Tracy. nothing. i was a little sad but not surprised given the ammount of studying i’d done.. so i started looking up misc friends names, sending them emails etc etc etc. I was in the T section of the list and perversely decided to check again to make sure i wasn’t on there… dingdingdingdingWINNER! no idea how it didn’t find me the first time, but there i was!

i glanced around my office and everybody else was very absorbed in some story they were all working on so i figured fuck them, i didn’t need to celebrate with my friends. Like 20 minutes later the kid from the office next door stuck his head in and told me congrats, and asked why we were all sitting quietly at our desks. I told him they were wayyyy to busy to be happy for me, but that i appreciated him.. Immediately everyone jumped up from their desks and randomly started pulling posters and fliers and camera’s and champagne (i wish) out of nowhere. Turns out these crazy kids had found out a few hours early and made a bunch of fliers that they’d hung up backwards so that all they had to do was flip them over once i found out. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. a bunch of high rankers were supposed to be the ones to announce it, but unfortunately they were about 1.3 hours late and i’m tech-savvy enough to go online and check for myself. best part, our semi-big boss totally forgot what base i was stationed at, even though he has a sheet with notes about me on it. Nice one dude!


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  1. Congratulations

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