Discovered The Love of My Life

alright so last year i read a book called “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” by a crazy dude named Tucker Max. It made me laugh hysterically, has given me ample stories to one-up other drunken assholes with, and is basically the greatest thing i’ve ever read in the world. now, being a technology whore, the only version i’ve owned of this book was on my Kindle. wonderful, but it makes it rough to flip to side notes etc, but since i skip them usually anyways i’ve never been too concerned about it.

Recently i bought a paperback copy of the book and had it shipped out here so that i could give it to a couple friends to read it. They of course laughed until they snorted and then spewed whatever substance was in their mouth at the time.. so there i was, at work, finished the last book i’d been reading (Harry Potter, the one where he competes in that crazy tournament and poor, poor Cedric ends up dying – totally started sniffling when i was reading it at a shoot while waiting on my late customer) and my Kindle was at home: naturally, i freaked out and was scrambling to find stuff to read on my random breaks for the next 6 hours at work. (very similar feeling to everytime i try and quit smoking btw – i realize i’m out and start to hyperventilate while thinking about all the hours i have left in life, nicotine free, i get very panic-y, cave in, and buy another pack. okay, maybe not that similar of a feeling, but same general concept yeah?)

i picked up Tucker Max’s book, was flipping through it, trying to see if i’d missed anything by owning the e-version only, was pretty bored, and started reading the acknowledgements, where he mentions a funny chick named Bunny and her blog. Well, if Tucker Max thinks she’s good… hmmm…

i proceeded to spend just about the next 6 hours reading and reading and reading and i’ve come to several conclusions:

a) this chick is amazing
b) i’m pretty sure she completes me
c) i’m tracking pretty similar life stories
d) she’s one of the funniest people i’ve ever read
e) quite in love

now all i have to do is catch her attention in a non-stalker-kind-of-way, demonstrate how freaking cool i am, wait for certain laws to pass in the military, and then we can live happily ever after. if i can’t have all that for whatever reason, then somehow we’ll become friends, at minimum online, then she’ll realize how great we could be together, and then, and then and then… ahhhhhhhhh just kidding

seriously though, she’s extremely funny and inspiring. i love finding good authors in my genre because it’s a wake-up call/kick to the arse to stop being lazy and keep writing because if they can do it, maybe i can too.

Ms Bunny (possibly Erin), if you find me and read a few bits of my life, please know i’m a (new) huge fan and hopefully i can make you laugh a little. Incidentally, i’m also a Pices, 9.7 years younger than you, love the ocean, animals, and Chicago. We should totally meet.


~ by manjamanis on August 27, 2009.

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