It’s a crazy thing really. I don’t always feel chemistry when i first meet someone, but when it’s there, especially instantly, holy crap, wow.

Once upon a time –
I had a really long day and i went out for a smoke, planning to go back to the office and catch up on more work afterwards. As i was about to throw my butt away and walk back inside some guy sat down and said hello, telling me it was a beautiful night. i was a little cranky, and snootily asked him how so (mind you this all occured in Afghanistan, during a quasi sand storm) to which he responded that he’d been cut off work 4 hours earlier than normal. I was immediately jealous, and asked him what he was going to do with all his new found freedom.
 He told me he’d just gotten in a pool stick. I like to play pool.
So we  talked about pool.
Then we talked about something else.
And something else.
And something else
When i finally checked my watch i realized i’d been out there for almost 2 hours.

The chemistry is so crazy between us i almost wish i knew how to sculpt, so i could make something beautiful. Even if it never goes anywhere beyond here, this kid is cheering me up and it’s really nice.

On a sidenote, com still has my laptop and i haven’t done any work in about 8 days. My shop at home sent me a laptop, but they didn’t send me the login info. It looks real pretty sitting on my desk. My boss finagled software for me from somewhere, and i installed it on a very slow computer this morning. I warned him to expect hmmm a lot of swearing coming from my corner as i attempt to catch up on 8 days worth of work that have to be done today. egads.

on another sidenote,  i went on my first convoy yesterday. Short, sweet and simple, thankfully. It was a trip out with the bomb team (EOD) and i got to watch a bad ass explosion at the end of it. i of course wanted to film it but they told me the shockwave off the blast would break my camera which would equal lots of bad juju for me. so i compromised by wedging myself into a crevice in our sweet vehicle. by the time the blast went off my arms were shaking from holding the camera up and i almostalmost missed, only i didn’t. ah so beautiful. our vehicle did get rocked by the blast so i’m def glad i wasn’t outside for it – turns out i twisted my knee when i was bounced into gear inside. funfunfunzies!



~ by manjamanis on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “Chemistry”

  1. Damn i really want to know who this guy is! He must be the coolest dude ever to make someone like you so happy!!!

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