As I Sit Sipping

Here I sit, sipping on my computer, listening to the people down the hall singing along [horribly] to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and i’ve been wondering what makes that particular song so popular with so many people.

Honestly, who doesn’t effing love that song?

My particular fond memories of it —

1. Once upon a time on a Thursday my two bestest girls and i decided to go to a piano bar in St. Louis; we had Friday off for whatever reason and could see no need for sobriety. I drank a bottle of wine or so before we headed out and i was being particularly beligerent and obnoxious i remember, yelling out the window and stuff like that. However, i guaranteed them that i would match them drink for drink and still be the most sober at the end of the night. Damn my genes!
 When we arrived we were the only ones there because it was 8ish. The band (and by band i mean the two pianists) were bored, so we sat in the front row and had a personal show for the next hourish. It was fantastic. We got them to play many, many chick songs, which of course sounded incredible in their raspy manly voices. Their favorite was (surprisesurprise) Don’t Stop Believing! They tried to con us by singing it to different tunes, but we were sober enough to catch it the first few times. I can’t remember what our shot-of-the-night was, but we agreed on no pussy drinks, like beer. I was almost cut off by the bartender the first round i bought, so they agreed to order for me. The night ended with a$200+ tab, Jae puking in the bathroom and Squiddy hitting on a pianist. I appologized to the disgusted cleaning staff, called us a cab and corraled Squiddy. My lovely friends passed out the instant we climbed into the cab and i chitchatted the whole way home. Brilliant, witty and eloquent, i’m sure.

2. I went on a 6 week drinking binge while i was sent away to a military school right outside of Baltimore. We learned an incredible smorgasbord of Adobe products, my favorite and lasting use being Photoshop of course. My bestfriend in class was a crazy girl in the Navy named Chrissy – woww that girl could drink. She was so outgoing. At the end of every night out she would dig into her pockets and pull out crumpled numbers, ditching most because they weren’t labeled or because the guy was too ugly. She’s kiiiind of my hero.
 In class we went over my specialty – video editing – and they taught us Premiere Pro, which i happen to use almost every single day. The intructor was very good at his regular material and thankfully was not offended that i had to correct him hmmm all the time. They gave us very crappy blase footage to edit into a music video; the footage was so bad it had me sulking until i got the brilliant idea to just use some of the Family Guy footage on the hard drive.
 You know the episode where Brian beats up Stewie because Stewie owns him money? Hell yes. I started it with Brian playing golf in the hallway and Stewie trying to sneak by, with the lovely faint echoes of ‘just a smalltown girl’ in the background. Then as Stewie was smashing down the stairs i merged the music with t.a.t.u.’s All The Things She Said. Mm. Never let it be said that i’m not brilliant 😉




~ by manjamanis on July 29, 2009.

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