The Land of Not Quite Right

My desk is pretty sweet. I have my desktop with a huge screen, a laptop to my right and one to my left.

-> i brought the one on my right because it has supersweetlovelylovey CS4 on it. the one on the left has Avid and Sorenson Squeeze on it.

Currently whenever i get done with a video in Premiere i have to export it to a portable drive and move it over to the other laptop so that i can squeeze it into the proper filesize for the internet. Then, i export the small version back onto my drive and move it back to my laptop. Copy+paste. Then i burn it onto DVD so that i can move it to my desktop, which is connected to the internet.

The other people complain about the food mostly, how the cokes don’t taste right, how the turkey wings probably aren’t turkey, how the chips are strange. etcetcetc. And so, we’ve nicknamed this joint The Land of Not Quite Right.

On a happy note, I got to film a FlyLeaf concert and interview them afterwards! Then a few days later i bumped into them at the chowhall and i asked them if they wanted a copy; they said sure, so i rushed and made them an extended version and ran it over to the airport. i couldn’t find them anywhere, so i stood around all dejected-like, especially when i heard the boarding call. I looked up, and FlyLeaf appeared out of nowhere, so i handed my disc to one of the dudes. Hows that for perfect timing ay?

I’m pretty sure James Culpepper (shaggy guy second to the right) and I will be getting married sometime soon and producing beautiful children in about 10 years or so. Ebusjebus. If you want to check out my news story you should be able to reach it through this link: middle column towards the bottom.




~ by manjamanis on July 10, 2009.

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