New Chapter

Yesterday I brilliantly observed that mine is a generation that will not be forgotten. Ever. It seems like just about everyone has a stupid camera – on their phone, their Nintendo DS1, their key chain, probably even on their dog. When I look back on old photographs I laugh at their styles and wonder about all the years that I missed that I can’t see. Thank you, years 2000+ for making every single moment of our lives accessible for the next trillion or so years.

I’m starting up this blog again, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep at it. The main reason, I’m heading to Afghanistan pretty soon and am wayyy too lazy to write everyone. If you people will just read this occasionally, hopefully that will suffice 😉

In case you don’t know me and accidentally clicked here somehow, I’m 23, have curly brownish hair and am active duty Air Force. I work as a Radio/TV Broadcaster, and I love my current office because they allow me to play in photo shop all day long. I can’t even remember the last time I did a proper news story, which sucks because I did love doing that too, but graphics work is awesome.

I tend to overuse the word awesome, and i dislike capitalizing “i”. i dig run on sentences and like to combine words for extra effecthumorawesomeness. I’m an English major (haha) and am really big into postmodernism literature; i adore creative nonfiction comedy like Jen Lancaster or Tucker Max or ummmm… more to follow when i can remember. i also love to read just about anything to do with faeries or dragons. i’m a pretty big nerd, but i hide it well behind my increasing collection of tattoos (on my body) and peircings (in my body). I have a security blanket called a Kindle. you can buy them on Amazon 😉

I have two rat bastard chihuahua’s named Charlie and Nona. Charlie’s long haired, mostly white with some black splotches and he is my favorite. Nona looks like the TacoBell dog, and she is on crack. Her registered name is Setan’s Nona Kecil, which means the Devils Little Girl. She’s awful 🙂 I share a kitten with a friend of mine, and i think we decided to call her Api (fire) but i’m trying to convince people that we need to change her name to Iblis (demon). Any guesses why?? I also have a really cool little Beta fish named Tiedye. I think he is a small reincarnated peice of my previous hippie life.

i love beer, and drink it often. i love wine, and drink it less often. i effing love sushi and misc Indian food. my parents are missionaries, and have been since like ’89, which means i have one of the craziest upbringings possible, probably only beat by my younger siblings examples. I’d like to say that the person i’ve become has no reflection or bearing on them, but rumor has it that your parents are involved somewhat in the molding process. i’d like to say i didn’t become rebellious the minute i left home because that is what i honestly believe. when i left it felt like i could breathe for the first time, that finally i could finally portray the true self that had been squished into a corner my whole life.

i’m a smartass and very reserved. basically until i feel comfortable in a group i don’t say squat. i’d love to be less shy but it’s difficult for me. i don’t like talking on the phone, especially to strangers. i start to stutter and get really nervous when i have to order food etc etc. for some reason i’m scared of post offices, but i can’t figure that one out.

That covers the basics…ish

in case you’re wondering, yes, i am nervous about going to Afghanistan. I think only an idiot isn’t scared about going to war, because you could be that guy that just doesn’t come home. if i don’t, my siblings get to go to fancy schools (yay) but please excuse my selfish preference that they don’t for this reason anyways. plus i would miss Charlie wayy too much 😉

haven’t quite decided when i’m going to announce this blog exists, probably a day or two before i leave because i’d rather not have people calling me to talk about it… (that whole phone thing again ya know?)


~ by manjamanis on June 21, 2009.

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