I found a peice i wrote last year for a class, kinda dig it.


I was just some girl, once upon a time.

The world, gloriousbeautifulandcharming, in front of me.

I was afraid to take a chance on life

And decided to hide.

I swore, I took an oath.

All gave some, some gave all.

I almost gave all on a whim.

For some boy.

The flight was long, especially when reality sunk it.

Cement barriers, hiding us from them. That’s all.

It was cold, it was hot.

It was hard, it was maddening.

The sun was vicious, the sand brutal.

Lips cracked, voices lost, cheap cigarettes devoured.

Prayers left, letters write.

Just let me come home. Please. That’s all I ask.

Life almost changed by a matter of angles.

100 yards too short, by their standards.

By mine it was way too goddamn close.

Who the hell has the right to kill, “just because.”

I’m a pawn. Some kid, thrown in a uniform

Handed a gun and a radio, told “good luck.”

This is not my war, not my fight,

But for some stupid reason I decided it might be fun

To dress up and play pretend.

We lay, shoulder to shoulder, dirty sock to mouth

Quietly. Be still. Don’t move. Maybe we’ll wake up.

Maybe I’m somewhere else, somewhere safe,

Somewhere that people have better things to do

Than try and kill me because of what I represent.

I don’t want your stupid clap on my shoulder.

I’ve done nothing, nothing I tell you.

I represent millions of other pawns, stuck

Dying and pouring out life for no reason.

Please, just let me cry and forget.

I hate remembering.


~ by manjamanis on November 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Poetry”

  1. Do you have PTSD or something? Thats a creepy poem to describe a mortar attack, I like it though. If you like combat poetry, read a book called “Here Bullet.” Its a short collection of peoms written by soldiers about their expiriences in war. Its intense and kinda crazy.

  2. I love this suze…
    Very realistic.

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