/It Won’t Be Long/


On Friday I was at a bar (shocked? I know!) and was looking towards the stage at a band. Some guy turned around, smiled at me, cocked his index finger at me and winked. I did the same back. His buddy leaned in and said… my friend thinks you’re really hot. I said thank you. He said… no really, and he wants to fuck you in the ass. I smiled sweetly and asked what I should tell my bf while all this is going on? (I was sitting with my 6’4 roommate btw) He gulped and said… Tell him that i’m really drunk and am an idiot.
I pretty much laughed so hard I almost pissed myself…

Then as my bff and I were stumbling back to my car, said finger-cocker guy was walking by. I called him over and asked him if he knew what his friend had told me. He said no, so I told him. He gulped, said… Johnny really said that to you? I nodded. He said… well it’s the truth!

Jeez i bet he gets laid often! he wasn’t half bad looking; if we had gotten together i could have teased Johnny about that for years!

As we were driving away to go to some guys house to drink apple pie flavored moonshine, my bff insisted on turning on my overhead light and filming me repeat that very story. I was laughing hysterically, smoking, and following a car… then of course i had to throw in references to the beautiful young studd my friend de-virginized… at which point i started swerving because i was leaning over the steering wheel.



~ by manjamanis on September 28, 2008.

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