/Just Like The News/

/Every day you get pressed/ – great song. Name the artist!

so i started drinking yesterday at about 5… yes, i know that is how many of these little stories start, but hey thats the GodHonestTruth. i was hungry at one point so i went to the store and got some chips and salsa stuff and of course burnt myself trying to cook. it was really delicious AND nutritious but Gdamnit i need to stop using hot things when i’m drunk.

at around 8:30, my downstairs neighbor asked if i could give him a ride somewhere. I didn’t want to because

a. i had a good buzz going

b. American Idol was on and they were about to announce who was getting kicked off

c. dude.

but at the same time, i try and give back to society by doing random acts of good deeds.. paying it forward and all that bs. so i said yeah sure.

We start driving, well, I start driving and i ask him where i’m taking him. He said to a bar. I told him that was kinda shady and he told me i could hang out if i wanted. I told him naww cos i was going to a party later too. He has me taking all kinds of crazy turns on one-way streets here and there and i started to get a little worried about getting home – remember i’m drunkish. We end up in a run down neighborhood, and he has me stop at someone’s house. He gets out for about 10 minutes and comes back talking about his friend giving him some “mind razors” and they’re pretty fucking great. (I googled that and i still have no idea what that means. Damn me and my lack of drug knowledge). So yada yada more turns here and there and we get to the bar. I ask him how to get home, he says just turn right there and go back on that street and it will take you all the way home. Cool.

I called my bff for company and she was lecturing me about my stupid actions until i realized that i was in bfn and had no clue how to get someplace that i recognized. She started looking for directions, but again i didn’t know where i was. I drove and drove and drove and turned around and drove and drove and drove and passed a bar that i recognized from the drive out there in the first place. Which means that i was on the right road but somehow got fucking lost. The trip out there took about 15 minutes, and yet when i drove 20 on that road, i was nowhere. My girl was staying calm, trying to help and i was freaking out and starting to sober up and yet craving another drink.

I stopped and asked for directions at a small bar with about 6 people in it. The whole joint went quiet when i walked in, and stayed that way til i left. Turns out all I had to do was take a right, and follow it til I got to the freeway and then i was only an exit away from home.

I’m still blown away about how i got that lost. Squiddy asked me what lesson i learned from the experience and i said, ‘don’t drive drunk.’ she said NO that’s not what the lesson was, that it was actually Dont Give Rides to Strangers When You Don’t Know How to Get Home. I told her that i thought her priorities were a little mixed up but okay and thanks for the help. All in all i was only gone for about an hour and a half or so but it was nerve wracking.

At home I had a few more beers than went over to Nick’s. His little brother is in a semi famous band and was in town tonight so we were having a merry shindig. I drank and drank and drank. Lovelady kept telling me to having a man drink aka bourbon and coke or rum and coke or vodka and coke, while holding a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. right. I countered that instead i would chug the remaining half of my bottle of delicious wine. He said he would chug his remaining inch of man drink. I ended up yakking up my frothy wine and probably some chips, maybe a little salsa, all the good stuff. poor Matt went in after me and puked too cos it reeked 🙂 haha.

A chick showed up who i’ve been hearing about for awhile and have never met showed up. The guy i dumped a sexy boyfriend for had a thing for her for a really long time, which made me antsy. I got quiet, and started drinking faster. Matt cornered me, and made me talk to him about what was going on.

Well first off, the current chick/dick situation. Sexually frustrated. Moving. Seeing my family in a few weeks with no booze and definitely no smokes. Oh and a friend of mine got blown up while on convoy duty and i found out last Friday because i read it in the newspaper. That really sums it all up…

Matt told me to basically stop being emo about the man thing. I’m leaving in about 3 weeks and won’t ever be back and i knew he was a free spirit when i made the plunge. It could have gone well, for the little bit of time that i was here. It is what it is. Plus, if he wants to get cozy with a chick then it’s actually okay, considering they both live here, and i almost don’t.
Matt told me some war horrors of his own, and that drinking was not the way to get away from them.

There was some drunk wrestling at some point in the night, and i smashed my knee on the counter so hard that it went numb and i almost fell over.

We went over to my place cos he wanted to see my dogs and we walked Charlie around the neighborhood at like 0530. He was freaking out cos that schedule was all off the norm. I’m sorry little buddy! He ended up crashing on my couch and i think i fell asleep around 0630 or 7 or so.

Woke up at 1030 because of the chorus of dogs, and went back over to get my phone from Nick’s. Matt and i walked in and everybody was like oooooooooohhhhhh… We all went to breakfast, and then Nick realized that he locked his keys in his car. with the engine running. haha.

he had to hire a locksmith, and went to go get cash. Lovelady and i were hanging out by the car and he leans in to me and asks me wtf is on my neck. He thinks it looks like a bite mark, and i think it looks like a thumb print. I don’t remember being bitten, but i did spend some time in a headlock.. i’m just hoping it doesn’t turn purple and is obvious at work. For some reason any explanation with the words, “well i was drunk and i…” don’t get accepted happily. They should just understand that i drink constantly and do many, many things in that state, and get used to it.

so here i am, it’s about 4:30ish, and i’m not sure if i’m hungover or still drunk. I was drinking fairly steadily for about 11 hours, and even if they weren’t so-called mandrinks, thats a decent amount of alcohol for a biddy my size. oh, and i’m supposed to go out tonight. 50 cent drafts at a little pub. i think i’m going to DD. i don’t know if i can drink anymore.


** i was just reading through the other things that i’ve written lately. On the 29th I talked about a dream i’d had the night before of a friend of mine getting blown up. My friend that died was blown up on the 29th, and because of time differences, that would make it the 28th here. Fuck. **

~ by manjamanis on May 15, 2008.

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