Our Collective Genius

**transcribed from my paper travel journal**

Every day when I get home I run my dog through a series of questions. I tell him that she shouldn’t have wasted another day of sweet, sweet life. I ask if he’s solved the Israeli conflict, or famine or found the answer to world peace.

He wags his tail, licks my legs, yanks of my bootstraps and jumps around til I let him out to pee. Right now he’s sprawled on my lap with his paws all over this paper. Whenever I mis-spell something he chews on the paper, just to put me in my place. He also keeps licking my hand to direct the pen so that I add some of his thoughts. He’s not making sense right now (too much crack) so I’m delicately trying to turn him down.

He’s a big fan of tampon commercials, my lotioned legs and cigarette butts.

I like toffee, dumb internet games and smoking the cigarettes for my dog’s addiction.

We make a pretty good couple I think.

Neither of us, however, know a whole lot of world peace. We jointly decided that the only real way to solve it would be to join a commune. Or a cult. Whichever one isn’t greedy and hungry for things that aren’t theirs. Self-supported type of thing. I can’t see a way around some person in power wanting something that someone else has and mustering an army to fight over it. He pointed out that people are greedy and perhaps we should just lick each other’s balls and forget about all our worries. (I told you he was doing too much crack.)

Thats what we think, Charlie and I. That’s what we think.


~ by manjamanis on April 25, 2008.

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